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Learning about Machine Learning

A friend recently asked for pointers to learn about machine learning. I’m not an expert, but have spent a bunch of time learning and experimenting, using many different resources. The list below is for people who can already code well enough to build products, but have little/no background in machine learning.

I wrote this list in Fall 2020.

To learn how to do stuff:

To learn about what’s possible:

To learn from fundamentals - books:

To learn from fundamentals - video courses:

  • Machine Learning (this is Andrew Ng’s original machine learning course, and has stood the test of time). NOTE: even though the course says to use Matlab/Octave, you can do all the exercises using python/pandas, using these jupyter notebooks
  • Deep Learning Specialization (this is newer, and is less theoretical than the one above, with more focus on modern tools)

If you’re not sure where to start, start with Deep Learning for Coders.